Luxury Droid gone Bad



BD-3000 Luxury Droid turned Mercenary

Body: 5
Mind: 5
Soul: 5

Combat Value: 7
Defense Value: 5

Health Points: 50
Energy Points: 50

Combat Mastery – Level 2

Extra Attacks – Level 1

Force Field – Level 1 – Blocks 45 Damage

  • Both Directions
  • Uses Energy – 4 EP per minute

Jumping – Level 1 – 5 times normal jump height/distance

Life Support – Level 2

Sensors (Radar) – Level 1 – Range of 1 km.

  • X-Ray Vision (sees through walls) – Level 1 – Range of 1 m.

Weapon Attack – Level 1 – T-21 Light Repeating Blaster – 30 damage

  • Drop Shields

Skeleton in the Closet – 1 BP – Blackstar accepted money and freedom in exchange for killing her master, Alvaan Syla of the Imperial Senate. She did this by crashing the repulsorlift on which he was hosting a party with other high-ranking dignitaries.

Special Requirement – 1 BP – Blackstar requires charging from time to time.

Vulnerability (EMP) – 2 BP

Interrogation – 1
Intimidation – 2
Seduction – 2
Sleight of Hand – 1
Stealth – 1


Once a simple BD-3000 luxury droid in service to Alvaan Syla – a human working on the Imperial Senate – Blackstar spent her days serving dignitaries from around the galaxy and providing them entertainment. She was content to fulfill her role as a servant until she met a bounty hunter during one of her master’s cabinet meetings, while she waited with his shuttle. The bounty hunter – known simply as ‘Hopps’ – promised her a life of freedom and a considerable amount of money in exchange for her assistance in a simple task: kill Alvaan Syla. The stories that Hopps had to tell fascinated and intrigued the droid, and by the time that Syla’s meeting was concluded, she had agreed to help the mysterious bounty hunter.

That same night, Alvaan Syla was throwing a party for a handful of political and economic figures from around the galaxy on his palatial repulsorlift yacht in the sky over Coruscant. The droid, seen as a simple servant, had no trouble making her way to the cockpit and dispatching the pilots with a carving knife from the banquet hall. That done, she aimed the craft towards the nearest building, activated the boosters, then jumped from the cockpit onto the roof of a parking tower. She waited until she saw the fireball, then called Hopps to ask for her money. As well as a ride to the nearest space station.

The experience taught the droid that she enjoyed killing. It was exciting, and the act of plotting and executing on a battle plan was far more rewarding to her than serving drinks at boring galas. She used her reward money to alter her programming and update her frame, then changed her name to Blackstar and spent a few years prowling the galaxy as a bounty hunter with Hopps.

Blackstar’s partnership came to a terrifying end when she and Hopps targeted Jappa Kor-Ill, a brilliant weapons designer that BlasTech Industries wanted on their team. It was meant to be a simple kidnapping, but the mission ended with Blackstar spiraling out into deep space in an escape pod, while Kor-Ill’s ship – along with Jappa and Hopps – imploded spectacularly behind her.

As luck would have it, Blackstar was finally picked up after weeks adrift in deep space by a ship called the Lost Cause – conveniently home to a mercenary band who would surely find her talents useful.


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