Star Wars: Episode 3.5 "Rise of the Rebellion"

Episode 2: Synopsis and Aftermath
Bounty Hunting

The crew of the Lost Cause take on a bounty hunt for a fugitive crime lord and glitterstim smuggler named Jonathan Rakes.  Leaving a trail of bodies behind them as they track Rakes to Nar Shaddar, the crew managed to snag several vials of the illicit glitterstim spice before engaging Rakes in his compound.  Rakes was killed in the fighting, and his pet Rancor Vannu was left alive as the team fled instead of engaging the beast.

While splicing the computer at Rakes' compound, Crono discovered a set of coordinates and a detailed flight plan to an Imperial facility in the heart of the Maw.  

Episode 2
Bounty Hunt!

Three weeks have elapsed since the crew of the Lost Cause sacked the medical facility manufacturing the cure for the plague on Arcturus.  
The Galactic News Network, propaganda arm of the Empire has spun the fighting on Arcturus into an act of terrorism by the Rebel Alliance.  
Meanwhile, back on Corellia, frustrated Corellian Security forces have placed a sizeable bounty on the crime lord, Jonathan "Stache" Rakes.   A notorious producer of Glitterstim, CorSec hopes to cut the head off a growing drug epidemic…

Synopsis and Aftermath: The Plague on Arcturus

The group found themselves the recipients of two competing contracts, both to deal with a cure for a rampaging plague on the planet Arcturus.  The group decided to accept both contracts, a move placing them in position to not completely fulfill either of their contracts.  

Betrayed by one of their contacts, Gris, in a moment of petty spite, the group found themselves on  a quick trip back to their ship.  In order to distract and draw attention to Gris, Patricia staged an impromptu concert outside of the Lost Cause, drawing a massive crowd and video reporters.  

Arriving at the biological research facility where the cure is being manufactured, the group find themselves under attack by a full force of private security guards.  The group rolled a thermal detonation explosive into the security group, instantaneously wiping them out.  Upon getting closer to the facility, the group found themselves under the attack of the building's Air Defense Droid, which sent half the party scrambling to bring the firepower of the Lost Cause to bear while the other half worked to bring down the droid.  

Upon destruction of the droid Blackstar leapt to the roof of the factory and began mercilessly gunning down the factory workers who had fled out the front door of the factory.  Tarkazza planted explosives designed to demolish half the factory, but leave the cure production intact.   And Crono spliced into the computer network and downloaded the details of how to produce the cure.  

The group proceeded to Arcturus, a planet under Imperial quarantine by the IMV Marauder.  Easily slipping past the Marauder using the Lost Cause's stealth system, the group landed on Arcturus and made their hand-offs.  The hand off the Gris's men was interrupted though, as the Reclaimation Squad, an elite platoon  of Imperial soldiers dedicated to hunting high value slaves, announced their presence.  Lt. John Morrison, the squad leader, lead the squad against the mercenary band.  The band responded with the full firepower of the Lost Cause, easily bringing down an AT-ST as the Reclaimation Squad retreated into their dropship.  During the battle Blackstar took a grievous shot from Jolene, the squad's sniper.  Returning fire, Tarkazza struck Jolene with a shot from the Lost Cause's blaster cannons, throwing her from her speeder bike to the floor of the drop ship.  Her status is unknown to the group.  

The squad called in the full might of the Marauder, and our group of anti-heroes found themselves fleeing the Imperial Navy.  Taking shelter behind one of Arcturus's moons, the group witnessed a planetary bombardment of Arcturus before completing their drop and leaving the system.  


3 weeks have passed since the group provided the cure to Arcturus.  

New Log Incoming-Update your Characters

3 Weeks will have elapsed in-game since the last episode.  Please update your characters completely so I have an idea of what to build for.

Episode 1
Plague on Arcturus

It is the Age of the Empire.  On Arcturus IV, a devastating plague is slowly wiping out the native population.  A system wide quarantine has been put in place by the Galactic Empire.  

Numerous factions have noticed the plague and are seeking to exploit the situation.  The shipwrights of Arcturus IV are skilled in starfighter design.  

In orbit around Corelia, the mercenary ship Lost Cause receives a job offer that could reshape the galaxy.. .


We will be using the Space Opera skill costs and no combat skills.  

The Setting: 3 BBY
The Jedi Purge

Our game takes place during the year 3 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin, or 3 years before A New Hope).  Darth Vader has hunted the Jedi to all but extinction and the Age of the Galactic Empire is in full swing.  The Imperial Senate still exists, although rumors of worlds in open rebellion against the Empire abound.  

Currently, the group is in orbit around Corellia, searching and scanning the Holonet for job opportunities…


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