Star Wars: Episode 3.5 "Rise of the Rebellion"

Episode 2: Synopsis and Aftermath

Bounty Hunting

The crew of the Lost Cause take on a bounty hunt for a fugitive crime lord and glitterstim smuggler named Jonathan Rakes.  Leaving a trail of bodies behind them as they track Rakes to Nar Shaddar, the crew managed to snag several vials of the illicit glitterstim spice before engaging Rakes in his compound.  Rakes was killed in the fighting, and his pet Rancor Vannu was left alive as the team fled instead of engaging the beast.

While splicing the computer at Rakes' compound, Crono discovered a set of coordinates and a detailed flight plan to an Imperial facility in the heart of the Maw.  


Tamerathon Tamerathon

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